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Our private, one-on-one, soccer coaching lessons provide many benefits. Like any other sport, working with one of our private coaches will fine tune soccer skills and help players make adjustments to improve their game. This style of coaching allows each individual to grow and develop individually as a soccer player.


Our Private Coaching Lessons allow children to work one-on-one in developing individual skills, technique, touch and flair. These sessions are highly personalized with 45 minutes to one hour of dedicated training with one of our expert coaches.


Whether your child is a total beginner and wants to learn the basics of soccer or an advanced soccer player that wants to get the next level of his/her soccer education, our highly experienced coaches can build a tailored program to help your child reach their goals.


Private Soccer Lessons focus on developing specific soccer skills such as Shooting, Passing & Dribbling as well as Strength, Fitness and SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness) using Hurdles, Speed Ladders and Parachutes.

One on One Private Training from $250 per session (location dependent)


One on One Private Training from $200 per session for younger players under 8 years old (45 minutes) (location dependent)


Semi Private Training: 2 children from $300 per session (location dependent) 

**Must Purchase a Minimum of 8 Private Sessions to run for 8 Consecutive Weeks**


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