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We are delighted to announce that GB Soccer School will be having 2 teams playing at Club Level this year for boys/girls aged 2011 and 2012. 

What ages are GB United catering for?

Our Club teams will be aiming to start with 2 age groups which will be 2011 & 2012, and we will look to add more teams IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

What if my child is older/younger than the ages mentioned?

If your child is a little younger than the ages mentioned then we will consider them for the team if we think that they will be a good fit. Unfortunately we can’t accept players that are older than the age limit.

What's the difference between Club & West Valley Soccer?

Club Soccer is a lot more competitive than the West Valley Soccer League and our club teams will practice 2 x per week and play games on weekends. We will also play a number of tournaments throughout each season.

What League will GB United be playing in?

We will start all of our club teams in the Bronze League as all of our players will be new to club soccer. Our aim is to build confidence in all of our players and ensure that every child has a positive soccer experience.

Why are GB Soccer School adding a Club Program?

Having a club team has always been a goal of ours and want to have an option for our more advanced players.

Is my child guaranteed a spot in a GB United Club team?

We will be running try outs to determine which of our players are best suited to club soccer or West Valley Soccer. At GB Soccer School we want all of our players to be playing at the right level for their ability and our West Valley Coaches will work with our club coaches to determine which players are ready for the step up to Club Soccer.

What if my child isn’t ready for club soccer?

Our goal is to help every player develop to their best of their ability and we will still have our West Valley Teams running for those children not quite ready for club soccer.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and want to thank you all for your continued support. This a very exciting time for GB Soccer School and we are looking forward to our first club season.

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